Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce the lag ?

In the settings, tick the LOW FPS mode and try to change the server location.

Creating a room does not work.

Sometimes, the room creation fails, just try again.

The download of the game is stuck to 0% or it does not work.

You need to start the launch as administrator.

I do not see the players in my room.

Sometime it can happens, you just need to leave and rejoin the game.

How can I delete my character ?

Deleting a character is not available yet.

How can I change my character skin ?

Changing the character skin is not available yet.

My account is locked or banned.

You are banned, you didn't respected our rules.

I found a bug or a cheater, how can I report it ?

Report it here: (Click here).



At the moment, you can only have 1 character.

Default height: 180cm

Default weight: 80kg

Default position: BG

Default foot: Right


When you register you get in your inventory:

  • x1 NP Box
  • x1 Blue Capsule
  • x1 Foot Change
  • x1 Position Change


They are disabled for the moment

Style Card:

They are disabled for the moment


Top 10 of players ordered by wins


You can:

  • Set fullscreen
  • Enabled low FPS mode
  • Enabled commentaries (in beta)
  • Hide positions on the players
  • Hide the chat
  • Hide the keys helping
  • Hide the goal helping
  • Change volume
  • Change max FPS
  • Change the camera config
  • Change your sensivity
  • Change your keys
  • Select your prefered server (Europe, Brazil, Korea)


7 Tops, Shorts, Socks, Shoes available

8 Wirst, Ankle, Thigh, Shin

9 Packages available (Netherland, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Croatia, France)

10 Items available


Name Change: Change your name

Number Change: Change your number

Foot Change: Change your foot

Position Change: Change your position (level 5 min)

Condition Capsule Blue: Restore your condition (Medium)

Condition Capsule Green: Restore your condition (Good)

Condition Capsule Red: Restore your condition (Very Good)

NP Box: Get a random amount of NP

EXP Booster: x2 EXP (for life)

NP Booster: x2 NP (for life)


Basic Match: 10 minutes, rewards, 1v1 min, 7v7 max

League Match: 10 minutes, rewards, league rewards, 7v7 min, 7v7, max

Free Play: 1 minute minimum, no rewards if time inferior to 10 minutes, 1v1 min, 7v7 max

Stage Mode: not available

Golden Time:

The golden time give you x2 EXP and x2 NP (x4 if you have a booster)

League Points:

League Points are used to buy Gold Balls or Silver Balls.


At the moment you need to contact a administrator to be in a club.



/msg : Send a message to a players

/club : Send a message to your club

/time : Change the party time

/server : Get your server

/players : Get players in your room

/clear : Clear the chat

/commands : Open the commands list


/ping : Get your ping

/kick : Kick a player (host needed)

/host : Host a player (host needed)


You can change your tactical in the room if you are the captain.

The captain is the first to join the team in the room.

Tacticals available: Defensing, Dribbling, Playing Forward, Shooting, None.


The Home team always starts with the ball.

The Away team will starts for the second half period.

You can change your camera by pressing X (default key)

You can tackle, shoot, pass and lob.

You need to press LShift (default key) to push the ball with your feet.

Because of the Beta stage, throws in are not with the hands yet.

Goalkeppers are not really cleaver yet.

You can connect a Xbox Controller.